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[日期:2007-09-17]   [字体: ]


In health, we put GREat effort into improving the public health system and rural health care work. Over the past three years, the central and local governments spent 10.5 billion yuan to basically complete establishment of a disease prevention and control system that operates at the provincial, city and county levels. A total of 16.4 billion yuan was spent on setting up a medical treatment system for public health emergencies, and work is proceeding smoothly. The central government spent 3 billion yuan from the sale of treasury bonds to support the establishment of health clinics in towns and townships in the central and western regions, thus improving public health and medical treatment conditions there. Trials of a new type of rural cooperative medical care system were extended to 671 counties with a total of 177 million rural residents. We intensified efforts to prevent and treat major diseases such as AIDS and gave high priority to the prevention and control of highly pathogenic avian influenza, keeping it from spreading and infecting people. Progress was made in population work and family planning.


In culture, we launched a trial reform of the cultural system, upgraded culture-related facilities for public use, implemented the project to share cultural information, and increased cultural exchanges with other countries. Further successes were achieved in the country's athletic endeavors. GREater efforts were made to promote socialist cultural and ideological progress.


5. Striving to increase employment and improve social security work. We increased policy support and spending to expand employment and reemployment. The central government last year allocated 20.9 billion yuan to provide basic living allowances and reemployment subsidies to employees laid off from state-owned enterprises, 2.9 billion more than the year before. We did a good job providing employment for urban residents newly entering the workforce, college graduates and demobilized soldiers. A special fund was also set up in central government budget to support job training for farm laborers looking for urban employment and to assist demobilized soldiers from urban areas in finding jobs for themselves.


The social security system underwent steady improvement, and its coverage was expanded. The work of incorporating basic living allowances for workers laid off from state-owned enterprises into the unemployment benefit system was completed in 17 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. All urban residents entitled to basic living allowances are now basically receiving them. Allowances for key entitled groups were increased significantly, and 7.46 billion yuan was allocated from the central government budget for allowances for entitled groups, a 90 percent increase from the previous year. The basic framework of a social assistance system has been established in 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and in 2,300 counties and cities. Disaster relief and anti-poverty work was intensified. Total expenditures from the central government budget for fighting natural disasters and providing disaster relief came to 8.9 billion yuan last year, and more than 90 million people were helped. The central and local governments allocated 16.2 billion yuan for poverty alleviation, and the number of rural residents living in poverty decreased by 2.45 million.

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