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[日期:2009-02-24]   [字体: ]

Liz Phair深情演绎《情不自禁》


  Why Can't I 情不自禁

  Get a load of me, 1)get a load of you 你注意到我,我注意到你,

  Walkin' down the street, 走在大街上,

  And I hardly know you 我根本不认识你。

  It's just like we were meant to be 一切就像命里注定。

  Holding hands with you, 夜晚,

  And we're 2)out at night 我们手牵着手散步。

  Got a girlfriend, 你已经有了女朋友,

  You say it isn't right 你说这样做不对。

  And I've got someone waiting too 而此时也有人正在等着我。

  Is this just the beginning 一切只是刚刚开始吗?

  3)We're already wet, 我们已经动了真情,

  And we're gonna go swimming 无法自拔。

  Why can't I breathe 为什么每当我想起你,

  Whenever I think about you 我就无法呼吸?

  Why can't I speak 为什么每当我谈起你,

  Whenever I talk about you 却不知从何说起?

  It's 4)inevitable, 无法避免,

  It's a fact that we're gonna 5)get down to it 我们都将泥足深陷。

  So tell me 告诉我,

  Why can't I breathe 为什么每当我想起你

  Whenever I think about you 我就无法呼吸?

  Isn't this 6)the best part of 7)breakin' up 分手最大的好处

  Finding someone else you can't 8)get enough of 就是找到你的真爱。

  Someone who wants to be with you too 而这个人也想跟你一起。

  It's an 9)itch we know we are gonna 10)scratch 这样的感情是那么自然,

  11)Gonna take a while for this egg to hatch 虽然有情人终成眷属需要时间和努力。

  But wouldn't it be beautiful 但是这不是很美吗?

  Here we are, we're at the beginning 一切才刚开始。

  We haven't fucked yet, 我们还没有合为一体,

  But my heads 12)spinning 但是我已经头晕目眩。

  Why can't I breathe 为什么每当我想起你,

  Whenever I think about you 我就无法呼吸?

  Why can't I speak 为什么每当我谈起你,

  Whenever I talk about you 却不知从何说起?

  It's 4)inevitable, 无法避免,

  It's a fact that we're gonna 5)get down to it 我们都将泥足深陷。

  So tell me 告诉我,

  Why can't I breathe 为什么每当我想起你

  Whenever I think about you 我就无法呼吸?

  I'd love for you to make me wonder 你让我疑惑,

  Where it's goin' 我们的结局到底会怎样。

  I'd love for you to pull me under 你的爱笼罩着我,

  Somethin's growin' 这种感觉越来越强烈。

  For this that we can't control 现在我们已经无法控制。

  Baby I am dyin' 亲爱的,感觉就要死去。


  Growing out of the American underground of the late '80s, Liz Phair fused rock production techniques and styles with the sensibility and structure of classic singer/songwriters. Exile in Guyville, Phair's debut album, was enthusiastically praised upon its 1993 release and spawned a rash of imitators, particularly American female singer/songwriters, over the following years. For her part, Phair wasn't able to break into the mainstream, even with the support of the press and MTV. Whip-Smart, her second album, was heavily promoted upon its 1994 release, yet despite its relatively strong chart positions, it was viewed as a disappointment and Phair's momentum declined steadily during the mid-'90s, as she took several years to record her third album.

  Liz Phair was born in New Haven, CT, and adopted by wealthy parents, who raised her in the Chicago suburb Winnetka. After high school, she studied art at Oberlin College in Ohio. At Oberlin, she became fascinated with underground indie rock and eventually became friends with guitarist Chris Brokaw, who later joined Come. Following their college graduation, Phair and Brokaw moved to San Francisco, where she tried to become an artist.

  Eventually, Brokaw moved out east and Phair moved back to Chicago, where she began writing songs. Soon, she began releasing homemade tapes of these songs under the name Girlysound. While she supported herself by selling her charcoal drawings on the streets of Wicker Park, she was becoming involved in various portions of the Chicago alternative music scene; in particular, she became friends with Urge Overkill, a drummer named Brad Wood, and John Henderson, the head of the Chicago-based indie label Feel Good All Over. Henderson and Phair tried to re-record some of the Girlysound tapes with Wood, yet the pair had a falling out during the sessions, leaving Wood as Phair's only collaborator. Brokaw, who had by then joined Come, was still receiving Girlysound tapes and he gave a copy to Gerard Cosley, the head of Come's record label, Matador. By the summer of 1992, Matador had signed Phair and she began recording her debut album in earnest.

  Adapting its title from an Urge Overkill song, Exile in Guyville, her debut album, was released to strong reviews in the summer of 1993. Many articles focused on Phair's claim that the double album was structured as a response to the Rolling Stones' classic Exile on Main St. Over the course of the year, the record slowly built a dedicated following in America, both among critics and alternative rock fans. At the end of the year, it topped many Best of the Year critics polls, including The Village Voice and Spin. With all the attention focused on Phair, many indie rock figures -- particularly members of the Chicago noise rock scene such as Steve Albini -- were developing a resentment toward her and launching an attack at the singer and the heavy media attention Exile in Guyville received. The criticism couldn't halt the proGREss of Phair and Exile, and in early 1994 she launched her first tour, which was plagued by her stage fright. Around the same time, MTV began airing "Never Said" and, as a result of all the hype, the album briefly appeared in the charts in February. By the spring of 1994 it had sold over 200,000 copies -- a remarkable number for an independent release.

  By that time, Phair had begun work on her follow-up record. Matador had signed a distribution deal with Atlantic Records in 1994, and her second album was going to be one of the first to be heavily promoted by the alliance. Indeed, Whip-Smart was released to a whirlwind of media attention -- including Phair, dressed only in negligee, on the cover of Rolling Stone -- and debuted at number 27 upon its fall 1994 release. "Supernova," the first single from the album, received heavy airplay on MTV and alternative rock radio, becoming a Top Ten modern rock hit. However, Whip-Smart received mediocre reviews and never developed into the hit that it was expected to be. Phair didn't tour to support the album and was slow to deliver a second single. By the time the title track was released as a single in the spring of 1995, the album had disappeared from the charts.

  Liz Phair has been plenty busy in the four years since 'Whip-Smart,' during which time she's seen the creative and commercial climate for female artists flourish under her influence. The time between records allowed her to choose only the best from a wealth of material, as opposed to the more by-the-seat-of-her-pants attack of the previous two records. She still lives in her hometown of Chicago.

  身材高挑的她有着迷人的蓝色眼珠,因为喜欢穿红色的衣服而显得更加楚楚动人;她擅长演说,每当她站在舞台上演讲的时候,台下的歌迷便会感到无比的欢欣和鼓舞;当然最让人难以忘怀的还是她独特的音乐思维。这就是Liz Phair。

  Liz Phair1967年生于美国的Connecticut,刚出生就遭父母遗弃,后来被一位好心的外科医生收养。也许是被领养的缘故,Phair从小就显现出具有主见和反抗的本性,后来她考取了Ohio的Oberlin大学,主修炭画艺术,这时的Phair已经不满足只当一名摇滚听众了,于是她拿起结他,开始了创作和演唱的生涯。

  命运总是会青睐积极进取的人,一次偶然的机会,Phair遇见了Come乐队的吉他手Chris,两人在一起切磋了吉他的技巧,就在Phair返回Chicago之后,她用家用录音机录制了自己的歌曲小样并寄给了Chris,这盘歌曲小样在当时的独立音乐圈里十分流行。终于在1992年,Phair签约Matador唱片公司,随后在1993年出版了首张个人专辑Exile in Guyville。一方面由于唱片的名称和滚石乐队的专辑Exile on Main Street很相象,另一方面由于Phair采用了大量非传统性和弦,为这张专辑涂上了浓厚的非主流色彩,也是Phair最出色的一张唱片。到了1994年,这张专辑已经卖出了20万张,于是Phair的新东家Atlantic唱片公司找上门来,丰厚的条件使得Phair没有理由拒绝,那年的秋天,第二张专辑的首支单曲Supernova出版,随即成为多家媒体追捧的对象,但是当专辑Whip-Smart推出以后,Phair因为厌倦了和记者间的唇枪舌战而拒绝开展巡回演出为新唱片进行必要的宣传,在1995年的春天,这张专辑也渐渐地被人们淡忘了。



  1. Why Can't I 这首歌出现在NBC电视台宣传Friends 六人行第十季后半部分的短片中,是一首有关感情的歌曲。get a load of someone /something在口语中表示“注意某人或某事物”,比如说,Get a load of that old bloke with the funny hat! 你看那个戴着怪帽子的家伙!

  2. out 在这里表示“某人不在家,不在工作地点。”比如,I called Sally last night but she was out. 我昨晚给Sally打电话,但是她不在家。Let's go out this evening./Let's have an evening out. 我们今天晚上出去吧。

  3. We're already wet.字面翻译过来是“我们浑身已经湿透。”但是这里并不是说天真的下雨了,而是一个比喻的手法,后面的and we're gonna go swimming也不是真的指“要去游泳”。两句连起来,就是说“两个人已经对彼此动了心,而且感情还会继续向前发展,越来越浓。”

  4. inevitable是由“evitable”加上否定前缀“in”变化来的。

  5. 词组 get down to sth/doing sth 表示“开始做某事,认真做某事或者重视某事物”,我们来举两个例子,Let's get down to business. 我们开始办正事吧。It's time I get down to some serious work. 该是我认真干点事情的时候了。在歌词里,get down to sth就表示“认真做某事或对某事认真”的意思了。

  6. the best part of doing something,表示“做某事最大的好处是…”。

  7. break up with someone,跟某人分手,与某人绝交。比如说,She's just broken up with her boyfriend. 她刚刚跟男朋友分手。

  8. get enough of sb/sth 这个词组表示“受够某事,不能或者不愿意再容忍某人或某事”。也可以是have had enough of sb/sth,比如说,I'm surprised you haven't had enough of him yet.我很惊讶你还没有受够他。I've had enough of her gossip. 她总是在别人背后说闲话,我真是受够了。

  9. itch的意思是“痒,瘙痒”,比如说,I had /felt an itch on my back. 我觉得后背痒痒的。itch还可以表示“渴望,热望”,组成短语就是 itch for sth/itch to do sth,比如说,He had an itch for adventure. 他渴望冒险。She cannot resist her itch to travel. 她巴不得要去旅行。那么我们常常说的“七年之痒”就可以说成 the seven-year itch。

  10. 那么感觉痒痒就要挠一挠,搔痒用的就是scratch这个词,比如说,Stop scratching. 别再挠了。 Scratching the rash will make it worse. 丘疹越挠越糟糕。

  11. Gonna take a while for this egg to hatch,这里的egg就是指“男女之间的爱情”,这句话字面翻译过来就是“孵蛋需要花一些时间”。也就是说两个人的爱情如果要开花结果,是需要一定的时间和努力的,不是那么容易。但是这个过程却很美好。

  12. spin在这里的意思是“使某物快速旋转”,比如说,The blow sent him spinning back against the wall. 他被打得晕头转向,撞在后面的墙上。They spun a coin to decide who should start first. 他们抛转硬币来决定谁先开始

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