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66. It is entirely reasonable for auditors to believe that scientists who know exactly where they are going and how they will get there should not be distracted by the necessity of keeping one eye on the cash register while the other eye is on the microscope.

  [参考译文] 审查者完全有理由相信,知道自己准备做什么、怎么做的科学家不应该因为必须一只眼盯着收银机,一只眼盯着显微镜而分散了注意力。

  67. Nor, if regularity and conformity to a standard pattern are as desirable to the scientist as the writing of his papers would appear to reflect, is management to be blamed for discriminating against the "odd balls" among researchers in favor of more conventional thinkers who "work well with the team."

  [参考译文] 如果科学家对标准式样的整齐划一的要求就像他论文的写作所反映的一 样,那么管理层就不该因歧视研究者中的"思维与众不同的人",喜欢其 中较为传统的"善于团队合作"的思想者而受到指责了。

  68. The grand mediocrity of today--everyone being the same in survival and number of off- spring--means that natural selection has lost 80% of its power in upper-middle-class India compared to the tribe.

  [参考译文] 当今人与人在很大程度上的平等--即面对自然淘汰法则人人机会均等,并且连子嗣的数目都一样--意味着和在印度土著部落中的情况相比, 印度中上层阶级中已丧失了80%的自然选择中的优势。

  69. When a new movement in art attains a certain fashion, it is advisable to find out what its advocates are aiming at, for, however farfetched and unreasonable their principles may seem today, it is possible that in years to come they may be regarded as normal.

  [参考译文] 当艺术领域的一个新运动发展成某种流行时尚时,最好应该弄清这场运动倡导者的真正意图,因为,不管他们的原则在今天看来多么牵强无理,很可能多年以后他们的理论会被视为正常。

  70. With regard to Futurist poetry, however, the case is rather difficult, for whatever Futurist poetry may be even admitting that the theory on which it is based may be right--it can hardly be classed as Literature.

  [参考译文] 然而就未来主义诗歌来说,情况则不这么简单了,因为不管未来主义诗歌是什么--就算承认它赖以存在的理论基础都是正确的--这种形式也很难被归入文学。

  71. But it is a little upsetting to read in the explanatory notes that a certain line describes a fight between a Turkish and a Bulgarian officer on a bridge off which they both fall into the river--and then to find that the line consists of the noise of their falling and the weights of the officers, "Pluff! Pluff!" A hundred and eighty-five kilograms."

  [参考译文] 但当我们先是从注释中得知某诗行讲述了一个土耳其军官和一个保 加利亚军官在桥上动手打架并双双掉进河里,而后却发现该行诗中不过只充斥着"扑通,扑通,185公斤重"这类对他们落水时的动静以及对军官们体重的描写时,我们不免感到困惑不安。

  72. The coming of age of the postwar baby boom and an entry of women into the male- domiated job market have limited the opportunities of teen-agers who are already questioning the heavy personal sacrifices involved in climbing Janpan's rigid social ladder to good schools and jobs.

  [参考译文] 战后婴儿潮一代的步入成年以及女性打入男性主导的劳动力市场使得青少年的发展机会变得极为有限,他们已经在不停地质疑为了爬上日本国内那通往优秀学校和体面工作的严酷的社会阶梯而做出的巨大的个人牺牲。

  73. Last year Mitsuo Setoyama, who was then education minister, raised eyebrows when he argued that liberal reforms introduced by the American occupation authorities after World WarII had weakened the "Japanese morality of respect for parents".

  [参考译文] 去年,当担任教育部长职务的濑户光夫争辩说二战后由美国占领当局引入的自由主义革新削弱了日本民族"尊敬父母的道德品质"的时候,舆论哗然。

  74. With economic growth has come centralization: fully 76 percent of Japan's 119 million citizens live in cities where community and the extended family have been abandoned in favor of isolated, tow-generation households.

  [参考译文] 随着经济的增长,出现了集中化:全国1.19亿公民,其中整整76%的人口定居城市:在这里,原来的社区和多代同堂的大家庭已被摒弃,取而代之的是与外界疏于往来的、只由两代人组成的核心家庭。

  75. If the tradition of ambition is to have vitality, it must be widely shared; and it especially must be highly regarded by people who are themselves admired, the educated not least among them.

  [参考译文] 如果野心的传统具有生命力,那么这传统必会为许多人分享;尤其会受到自己也受人仰慕的人士的青睐,在这些人中受过良好教育的可不占少数。

  76. Certainly people do not seem less interested in success and its signs now than formerly. Summer homes, European travel, BMWs--the locations, place names and name brands may change, but such items do not seem less in demand today than a decade or two years ago.

  [参考译文] 当然,人们现在对成功及其各种标志的兴趣似乎并不亚于先前。消夏 别墅、欧陆旅行、宝马车--地点、地名以及品牌或许会有变化,但这类事物在今天被人渴求的程度也似乎不会亚于一二十年前。

  77. Instead, we are treated to fine hypocritical spectacles, which now more than ever seem in ample supply: the critic of American materialism with a Southampton summer home; the publisher of radical books who takes his meals in three-star restaurants; the journalist advocating participatory democracy in all phases of life, whose own children are enrolled in private schools.

  [参考译文] 相反,我们被款待看到这样一些虚伪的壮观景象,他们似乎比以前的任何时候都更供应充足:美国式物质主义的批判者却拥有位于南安普顿的避暑山庄:激进书籍的出版商却在三星级餐厅享用一日三餐;倡导在人生各个阶段的参与民主制的记者,他的子女却就读于私立学校。

  78. No clear-cut distinction can be drawn between professional and amateurs in science: exceptions can be found to any rule. Nevertheless, the word "amateur" does carry a connotation that person concerned is not fully integrated into the scientific community and, in particular, may not share its values.

  [参考译文] 科学领域的专业人员和业余爱好者之间划不出泾渭分明的界线:因为任何规则都有例外。然而,"业余"一词的确意味着相关人员不能充分融入职业科学界,尤其未能分享科学圈子的价值。

  79. The trend was naturally most obvious in those areas of science based especially on a mathematical or laboratory training, and can be illustrated in terms of the development of geology in the United kingdom.

  [参考译文] 很自然,这种趋势会在尤以数学或实验室训练为基础的自然学科领域表现最为明显,并且可以英国的地质学发展作例证来说明。

  80. A comparison of British geological publications over the last century and a half reveals not simply an increasing emphasis on the primacy of research, but also a changing definition of what constitutes an acceptable research paper.

  [参考译文] 将过去一个半世纪英国地质学领域的出版物做一下比较,(我们)就会发现不仅对科研的主导地位的强调不断攀升,而且一篇可接受的科研论文所包含的内容的定义也有所变化。

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