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1.The chief business of the teacher is to teach.

2.The law,being a profession,was accounted a more gentlemanly pursuit than business

3.Anyone who wants to become a problem-solver in business has to learn fairly early how to establish priorities.

4.They did not finish with that dirty business yet,after five long years.

5.But that is only part of the story.The most remarkable thing about day-dreaming may be its usefulness in shaping our future lives as we want them to be.

6.We may,I am sure,rate this tremendous year as the most splen did,as it was the most deadly year in our long English and British story

7.We'd like to be able to read tomorrow's paper with the story that your son has been found.

8.A lessening of government intervention is only part of the story behind rising royalty rates after 1968.


1.I was very glad when I learned that his project had been approved.

2.While I sympathize with your point of view,I can't accept it.

3.For several months,she continues to stay at home preparing her dowry.

4.Since no one is against it,the proposal is adopted.

5.He left in such a big hurry that he forgot to take the documents with him.

6.It is reGREttable that our appeal has remained a dead letter.

7.In the morning the dust hung like fog,and the sun was as red as ripe new blood.

8.We must bring forward a new design at the earliest possible date.


1.This has been our position,but not theirs.

2.Because everyone uses language to talk,everyone thinks he can talk about the language.But talking about language is one thing,and using language is another.

3.They were starting from the scratch,and needed men,guns and training.

4.He moved steadily,looking neither left nor right;neither slackening nor hastening in his footsteps.A slow,steady movement that seemed to be independent.Not controlled by his brain.Not controlled by anything.

5.Trust the masses,rely on the masses and respect their initiative.

6.Striking through the thought of his dear ones was a sound he could neither ignore nor understand.He wondered what it was,and whether immeasurably distant or nearby—it seemed both.


1.The girl in the seat is studying the old woman with interest

2.The real victory is not over one's fellow runners but over one's own body.

3.The students are intensely cautious not to make mistakes in spelling.

4.He was not aware of her presence till she spoke to him.

5.This store features round-the-clock service.

6.Crying is considered to be characteristic of women.

7.By the middle of the century,metallic materials had always been predominant in the material industry.

8.Our country is still backward economically


1.When he missed the last bus,he was at a loss to know what to do.

2.The beauty of West Lake passes all power of description.

3.We believe that the younger generation will prove worthy of our trust.

4.It is legitimate for us to be proud of our present achievement.

5.Students,with no exception,are to hand in their papers this afternoon.

6.The source of energy will cease to be a reason for war.

7.We cannot finish the work in the absence of these conditions.

8.When we read we may visit the most beautiful parts of the earth,without fatigue,inconvenience,and expense


1.According to Time,Mitsui is better at information gathering than the CIA.

2.Every measure has been taken to reduce the tension of the market.

3.We are firmly opposed to any nation creating international tension in the Far East.

4.Racial tensions in South Africa have been relieved recently.

5.The tension began to ease off when she learned that the operation was a success.

6.Plants have the power of changing earth,air and water into substances which enter into and become a part of themselves.


1.Those who sacrifice themselves for the people's cause are the real heroes of the history.

2.He said that this was a good suggestion,which he would look into.

3.Afuel is a material which will burn at a reasonable temperature and produce heat.

4.There has never been a man around me who wrote so many memos.

5.The ambassador,who had long been interested in Asian affairs,was flattered.

6.I knew that John would tell his mother,who would probably tell Mary.

7.Surely this was his native village, which he had left but the day before.

8.Nevertheless the problem was solved successfully,which showed that the computations were accurate.

9.He did not remember his father who died when he was three years old.

10.After dinner,they resumed their talks,which continued deep into the night.

11.There was something original,independent,and heroic about the plan that pleased all of them.

12.My assistant,who had carefully read through the instructions before doing his experiment,could not obtain satisfactory results,because he followed them mechanically.


1.In August 1966,at the age of nearly sixty-five,an age when many men retire,he began the GREatest voyage of his life.

2.Ihave a feeling that Iwill be mentally ready and won't give up halfway as one channel swimmer did a few years ago.

3.The question how we should carry out the plan hasn't been fully discussed.

4.She hurried back to school for fear that she miss too many lessons.

5.This is her present,her lovely present she has been expecting from him.

6.Mr.Park,a candidate for Mayor of Chicago,felt deep disappointment at losing the election.

7.Iwould like to make a suggestion that for sixty to ninety minutes each evening,right after the early evening news,all television broadcasting be prohibited by law.

8.It is well know that many of our problems—everything,in fact,from the generation gap to the high divorce rate to some forms of mentalillness—are caused at least in part by failure to communicate.

9.As my hopes—my impossible hopes—rose,he looked at our door and passed by,he and the pony,and the saddle.

10.And there they were,the gifts,all sorts of wonderful things,mixed-up piles of presents.

11.There are five foreign teachers in our department—two Australians,two Japanese and one Canadian.


1In this moment she felt that she had been robbed of an enormous number of valuable things,whether material or intangible.

2.In an office,figures,lists and information are compiled which tell the managers or heads of the business what is happening in their shops or factories.

3.Yet,what we say here will not be long remembered.What we do here can change the world.

4.It is said that the Englishman objects to this type of existence,but if the case is such,he does in fact differ from the inhabitants of most countries of the world today.

5.Basically,selling the product would be accomplished by sales promotion,which included advertising and personal selling.

6.The term“satellite city”is used to describe the relationship between a large city and neighboring smaller cities and towns that are economically dependent on it.

7.Thus each person produced less and this means a lower average income than could be obtained with a small population.

8.But this optimism was tempered by the realization that it was a precarious truce that could collapse at any time.


1.When I was asked the last question and straps were taken off,I vowed that never again,no matter what the circumstances,would I undergo such an insult to my integrity.

2.Bassanio was so overpowered with gratitude and wonder at the gracious manner in which the rich and noble Portia accepted of a man of his humble fortunes.

3.Such is the nature in the West that a GREat many people are often willing to sacrifice higher pay for the privilege of becoming white-collar workers.

4.They(the poor)are the first to experience technological proGREss asa curse which destroys the old muscle power jobs that previous generations used as a means to fight their way out of poverty.

5.So it was that the farm poor were caught in their own past,the double victim of technology:exiled from their home by advances in agricultural machinery;unfitted for life in the city because of the consequences of industrial mechanization.

6.The statement that oil originated in the sea is confirmed by a glance at a map showing the chief oilfields of the world;very few of them are far distant from the oceans of today.


(1)Women make up 40 percent of the world's work force in agriculture,a quarter in industry,and a third in services.Women farmers in the developing countries grow at least 50 percent of the world's food—as much 80 percent in some African countries.

In addition to income-generating activities(in cash and kind),women's household activities include caring for the sick,house maintenance,and such vital work as caring for children, preparing food,and fetching firewood and water.Yet women's productivityre- mains low—both in income-generation work and in home production.Improving women's productivity can contribute to growth,efficiency,and poverty reduction—key development goals every- where.

(2)Investing in women—in education,health,family planning—is thus an important part of development strategy as well as a matter of socialjustice.It is an integral part of the World Bank's overall strategy for poverty reduction that calls for broadly based,labor ab- sorbing economic growth and improved human resource development.

(3)If long-term change in the conditions of women is to be achieved,the actions and attitudes of men must change,and it is important that men be brought along in the process of change. Fox example,family planning information campaigns should be aimed at men as well as women because it is when men and women are able to make join informed decisions on family size,child spacing,and appropriate methods of contraception,that these programs are most successful.Likewise,problems af- fecting women are often close related to the socialrelationships between men and women.

(4)For example,many women's health problems are embedded in unequal gender relations in work loads,responsibilities for family welfare,and access to resources and decision making;it is impossible to deal effectively with women's health problems through approaches that deal only with women

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