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Love thine enemy

爱你的敌人(陈继龙 编译)

May 18th 2006 | WASHINGTON, DC
From The Economist print edition

(1)AMERICA's churches are nothing if not nimble[1].You might think that they would beup in arms[2]about“The Da Vinci Code(1)”.Dan Brown's novel has sold well over 40m copies in 44 languages; the film version of the novel,which is beingr_________①around the world on May 19th, will reach millions more; and yet(2)Mr Brown's message is about as heretical as you can get.“The Da Vinci Code” holds that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and fathered a daughter; that the Bible was put together by a fourth-century Roman emperor with a thing against women; that the Catholic Church is a criminal conspiracy.

美国的教堂脑筋极为灵活。(“nothing if not”一般用于强调某人或某物的品质“尤其……”,“极为……”)也许你以为他们将与《达•芬奇密码》干戈相向了。丹•布朗这部小说十分畅销,已经被翻译成44种语言,印数超过4000万册;根据小说改编的电影5月19日将在全球首映,必定引得更多人瞩目。然而,从布朗的小说中你所能看到的不外乎是一种异教论。《达•芬奇密码》认为,耶稣娶玛丽•玛德琳娜为妻,生了一个女儿;《圣经》是四世纪一位罗马皇帝(即君士坦丁)怀着对女性敌视的思想捏造出来的;天主教堂隐藏着一个犯罪阴谋。[/replyview]
Roman Catholics arec_________②up in arms. The Vatican has urged the faithful to boycott the film. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has launched a documentary and a website, Jesusdecoded.com. The American Society for the Defence of Tradition, Family and Property is organising prayer-vigils[3]at cinemas. The film is the mostflagrant[4]example of American anti-Catholicism, some say, sincethe Know Nothings(2)of the 19th century.
But many other Christians, particularlyevangelicals[5],are taking a different approach.(3)For them the film provides a golden opportunity to get people talking about Christian subjects.Some churches are giving away tickets along with Starbucksv_________③to encourage post-film discussion. The Campus Crusade for Christ has printed 1m copies of its guide to the code. This Sunday, thousands of preachers across the country will be addressing Mr Brown's book.
[replyview]不过,其他许多基督教徒,尤其是福音信仰者的反应却迥然不同。他们认为,这部影片为争取基督教成为人们的中心话题提供了一个千载难逢的机遇(译者按:“golden opportunity”意为“绝好的机会”)。有些教会正把电影票与星巴克咖啡优惠券一起到处派发,用以鼓励人们开展观后讨论。基督校园支持会印制了100万份“密码指南”。本周日,全美数以千计的牧师还将诵读这本小说。[/replyview]
One reason why evangelicals are embracing Mr Brown is that shunning proved such a disaster with Martin Scorsese's “The Last Temptation of Christ” in 1988. All the outrage andm_________④simply made Christians lookbigoted[6]and silly, and brought a tedious film much publicity. But there are two more positive reasons.
First,(4)the churches are determined to engage with popular culture.Today's mega-churches have dispensed with traditionalhymns[7]and learnedsermons[8]in favour of rock bands and—a recent favourite—pastors whop________⑤from inside mock-up prisons, a reference to Fox's hit show, “Prison Break”. The churches did roaring business on the back of “The Passion of the Christ” and “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”; they hope to do the same, with the aid of a bit of jujitsu, with Mr Brown's offering.
首先,各教堂决意要和通俗文化融为一体。如今的大教堂已经摒弃了传统的唱赞美 诗 和学究式的布道说教(译者按:“dispense with”意为“省却,免去,无需”。),开始转向追捧摇滚乐团和在模拟监狱中讲道的牧师。后者源自福克斯公司最为叫座的电视剧《越狱》,最近深受大众喜爱。各教堂在《耶稣受难日》和《狮子、女巫和魔衣橱》两部片子中接连赚得盆满钵满(译者按:“roaring business”意为“生意兴隆”);这一次,有了一点点柔术的帮助,加上布朗的佳作巨献,他们希望再创佳绩。
The churches are also obsessed with “seekers”—people who are vaguely interested in Christianity without knowing much about it. The calculation is that the film will boost the number of seekers—and that(5)the churches will then knock Mr Brown's nonsense out of their heads.
Whether Mr Brown's work brings people to God is impossible to say. But with at least 45 booksdebunking[9]the code, more than a dozen CDs and DVDs coming out with the film, and seven TV specials airing this month, it is bringing a lot of money to a lot of people. Pity about the book.
1. 根据首字母以及括号内的词性提示和英文释义填入单词(注意名词复数、动词时态等变化):
①r________(vt. to make a CD, video, film etc available for people to buy or see)
②c________(adv. without any doubt; definitely)
③v________(n. a ticket that can be used instead of money for a particular purpose:)
④m________(n. an organized event in which many people walk together to protest about something)
⑤p________(n. to talk about a religious subject in a public place, especially in a church)
2. 将划线部分英文翻译成中文:
1. nimble adj.able to move, think quickly, or understand things easily 灵敏的,敏捷的
2. be up in armsto be very angry and ready to argue or fight:非常生气,随时准备争吵或抗争
如:Residents are up in arms about plans for a new road along the beach.居民竭力反对沿着海滩修建一条新路的计划。
3. vigil n.
1)a period of time, especially during the night, when you stay awake in order to pray, remain with someone who is ill, or watch for danger:守夜,值班
如:Eva and Paul kept a constant vigil by their daughter's hospital bedside.伊娃和保罗一直守候在女儿的病床旁。
2)a silent political protest in which people wait outside a building, especially during the night静坐守夜(以示抗议)
如:2000 demonstrators held a candlelit vigil outside the embassy.2000名示威者在使馆外举行了烛光静坐守夜活动。
4. flagrant adj.a flagrant action is shocking because it is done in a way that is easily noticed and shows no respect for laws, truth etc 明目张胆的,公然挑衅法律、事实的,恶名昭著的
如:flagrant abuse/violation/breach etc公然滥用/违反/违背
5. evangelical n.信福音主义者
6. bigoted adj.having such strong opinions about a group of people that you are unwilling to listen to anyone else's opinions: 顽固不化的;固执己见的
7. hymn n.赞美 诗 ,赞歌
8. sermon n.训诫,布道,说教
9. debunk vt.to show that an idea or belief is false:揭穿;揭露;指出(观念、信仰的错误)
His claims were later debunked by fellow academics.业内学者后来指出他的主张是错误的。
2.一无所知党(the Know Nothings):又称“美国本土党”(American Native Party)或“美国党”(American Party),成立于1849年,是在“美国人联合社团”(the Order of United Americans,1844年成立)等秘密社团基础上发展起来的。“一无所知党”的名字源于19世纪40年代的一位新闻工作者霍勒斯•格里利(Horace GREeley)在揭露一个秘密组织时的说法。当时,该组织的成员发誓,如果被问到有关该组织的活动,就说“一无所知”。该党的骨干成员都是本土主义者,他们认为,美国是美国本土居民的美国,所以,美国各级政府必须控制在本土出生的人手里。美国本土主义运动是美国历史上一场以排外思想为理论根基,以反对天主教、犹太教、亚洲和拉丁美洲移民为主要任务,以一些兄弟会性质的组织为骨干,以维护美国白人主流文化为主要目标的运动。
[replyview]1. ①released公开发行,公开放映;②certainly 当然,肯定;③vouchers 代金券;④marches 示威游行 ⑤preach 布道,说教
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